Growing as a Designer

When I first started designing apps and interfaces, I used lots of dark colors and large logos. At the time, I was pretty impressed with myself and thought my designs looked great. My confidence inspired me to keep creating and enjoying the design process.

For the next few months, I devoted a significant amount of time to studying design theory and color composition, as well as reading design resources/guidelines from companies like Apple and Google. Finally, I fully indulged myself in websites like Dribbble and Behance to expose myself to hundreds of beautifully-designed applications and interfaces. 

When I got back into designing my own, I was surprised by how much my style had changed and my abilities had improved. I didn't force myself to make my designs look better or desperately try to improve in a short amount of time. Instead, I naturally let my aesthetic improve and develop through practice, learning, and seeking inspiration through others. If you're just beginning, or you're in a place where you want to want to improve your designs - be patient, continue to learn, and seek inspiration from a wide variety of places. Over time you will grow and improve as a designer. And with that, as a person, too. 


IdeasRachel Anderson