Making Technology Green

In some ways, technology is incredibly eco-friendly. It has reduced the need for paper-sourced materials significantly, and most transactions, such as bills, forms, newspapers, newsletters, are now digital, rather than printed. However, despite the decline in need for these physical materials, there is an increase in the need for storing all of the data and cloud content that is making these electronic transactions possible. 

In order to meet the growing storage needs, data centers across the United States are consuming more and more power each year. As this data consumption exponentially increases, companies are getting more concerned - and careful - about their energy sources. Currently, coal is one of the major sources. However, since it is considered a fossil fuel, there is a drive to "transform the grid" by directly sourcing renewable energy. 

REBA, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, is a group whose goal is to add 60GW of renewable power potential to the US grid in the next seven years, or by 2025. Large companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, are some of the notable organizations backing this alliance. Data Center Dynamics reports that REBA, "aims to help energy buyers and energy providers to strike deals which fund renewable capacity." Essentially, REBA is working towards a completely renewable Internet by increasing the percentage of renewable energy utilized by data centers. To read more about REBA, visit their website at Right now renewable energy is on the grid - and on the rise. 



IdeasRachel Anderson