Color Theory: Red

There is probably no color more passionate then red. Known for it's strong personality, red has the power to convey emotions and states such as love, desperation, strength, and danger. Being the hue of both blood and fire, red invokes powerful feelings and reactions. Red even has the ability to illicit psychological human responses like increased blood pressure, metabolism, and appetite - think of the number of fast-food restaurants that use the color red!

With an active and aggressive personality, red is also used to draw attention or caution to something, so it is often used on command buttons and to signal actions. Red is captivating - it draws the eye. To preserve its power and significance, red should be used sparingly and in meaningful ways. Capture user's attention by using it for actions such as delete, record, purchase, or for notifications, alerts, and updates.

Think carefully of how you can mirror a user's mental model of the color red, and where they may be observing and interacting with it in their environments and daily lives. It's a powerful color, and great power requires great responsibility. How can you use the color red to invoke strong feelings in your users? Ready or not - let's design.