Color Theory: Pink

How often do you find yourself using pink in your designs? Not very often? Well, if you've been avoiding pink because of its association with Barbie, bubble gum, or bright lipstick, allow me to introduce you to pink's true power and diverse palette.

Pink, like red, stimulates energy and encourages action. It can also increase confidence and convey a youthful, fun, and exciting personality. Depending on the shade, it can be sensuous and passionate, or tender, romantic, and feminine. Politically, pink often represents hope, as seen in the pink ribbons used for breast cancer awareness campaigns. Personally, I find light, cool-toned 'Millennial' pinks relaxing and I love to using them in my interfaces.

Source: Reyes Winery

Source: Reyes Winery

Just looking at the color pallet above, you can see that pinks come in many different shades, tones, and characters. With the power and delight pink holds, this color deserves a spot in interfaces, logos, and products. I'd say it's time to think pink.